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Welcome To ComputerWorks

ComputerWorks is dedicated to those in need of Tech Help, Hardware, Software, or a New Computer System.  We specialize in Custom Computer Systems, these Computers are far superior than pre-built ones.

ComputerWorks is a Mobile Computer Repair Service, we have been serving the Corry, PA area since 1999. We come to you!

We can Recover Data from all types of data storage device/media.  If you Need data from your Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Floppy Drive, or CD/DVD ROM we can recover it.

Web Hosting and Web Design are also a big part of our business.

Here are other services we provide.




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824 Blue Eye Road

Spring Creek, PA 16436

(814) 663-8040 - Office

(814) 664-0179 - Mobile

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