"A Powerful, Cloud Storage and Office Suite Accessible from Anywhere"

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A Powerful, Cloud Storage and Office Suite Accessible from Anywhere.

CloudWorks Drive
Store, sync or backup your documents, music and pictures online with instant access, sharing and collaboration, all in a simple to use, secure environment *.

CloudWorks Notes
In a simple but effective interface, create notepads with single notes and to-do lists.  Attach pictures and documents to any note and write comments.

Taking notes when something comes up is crucial for any number of business and personal needs.  We feel that taking notes and keeping them organized can make everyone more productive.
….and of course it helps us to not forget things.

  • Create and Edit Notes
  • Create Note Lists
  • Search in Notes
  • Upload Files
  • Share Notes
  • Organize your Notes

CloudWorks Tasks
A powerful task and project management tool that helps you manage and collaborate on any project within a single interface.  Share tasks with your account users or anyone else.
CloudWorks is a company that operates 100% in the cloud, and as a result, the need arises for project management that supports this type of collaboration.
Most businesses today work with people in different places and they need to share ideas, tasks and files in the cloud.  We created a cloud based office suite with features that do just that.

Why CloudWorks?
When you desperately need to store data externally and USB dongles are just not large enough, and external drives want to backup or sync every file and folder regardless of any changes.  CloudWorks can help you to, not only store data, but also sync, share, and collaborate all within one interface and from one login, and it only backs up or syncs the files and folders that have been changed, added, removed, or renamed.

We are happy to see nearly 2M users benefiting from this service so far

  • Upload, Edit, Replace or Preview Files *
  • Automated Backup *
  • Sync and Backup Scheduling *
  • Sync Files/Folders Across Computers *
  • Embedding of Photo, Video and Audio Files
  • Send Files and Folders by Email
  • Audio Player and Video Player
  • File Versioning
  • File Encryption and De-duplication
  • Redundant Back Up
  • File and Folder Sharing and Hotlinking
  • User Management

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Personal Solutions

Simple, Efficient and Secure Solutions
CloudWorks Personal Plans put you in control of your own personal cloud.  Enjoy your memories, movies, and music anytime, anywhere, and from any device.  CloudWorks takes the headache out of the cloud by allowing you to easily share, manage, collaborate, and access all of your content online.  Stay in sync with all of your data and never be without an important file again. *  Get Started

Online Storage

Store your documents, music and pictures online with instant access, sharing and collaboration, all in a simple to use, secure environment. *

Online Backup

Back up all of your data online, completely secured in our state-of-the-art data centers and accessible whenever and wherever you need it. *

File Syncing

Sync files and folders on your computer or external storage device temporarily or permanently with CloudWorks.  Feel secure knowing that you can reach your data anytime and anywhere. *

Online File Sharing

Share files and folders with anyone or add users to your CloudWorks account to access them directly.  Stop being restricted by email attachment sizes – share files simply with CloudWorks.

Access From Anywhere

Stay connected with your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, internet browser or API-enabled device.  The cloud is always at your fingertips with our full suite of apps that cover a wide range of platforms.

File Hotlinking

Directly link or embed any of your files for use in emails, websites or social networks.  Access stored files quickly and conveniently without the restrictions of download pages.

Business Solutions

Powerful Business Tools in the Cloud
CloudWorks Business Plans will give your businesses the competitive edge!  Find out how we can help you grow your business, improve your productivity, and make sales easier with our innovative and easy to use cloud content management solutions. *  Get Started

Manage and Share Data

Familiar file and folder structure – Whether using the website or the drive application, CloudWorks functions just the way you’re used to. *

Manage Your Space

Storage space on demand – Choose the plan that fits you best or create your own custom plan.  Get more storage space, bandwidth or users anytime. *

Syncing and Backup

CloudWorks creates a virtual private network between computers and enables to sync or backup files across computers connected to any account. *

Share Files and Folders

With CloudWorks you can share or collaborate on files through links or shortcuts.  Open documents or play audio and video files from CloudWorks.

Online Office Suite

Create folders and subfolders, text or word documents, spreadsheets or presentations, right on CloudWorks without installing any additional software.


Edit up to 17 types of files and documents with our integrated online office suite.  File versioning helps you get back to and restore any revision.

* Back Ups, Syncing, and Storage from an NAS (Network Attached Storage) is $10 More Per Month, and Must be Setup in Advance.

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