Make Payments Safely

"Make Payments to ComputerWorks Safely"

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Make Payments Safely

In order to make it easy to make a payment to ComputerWorks, we have added this payment page, that uses PayPal, to securely and conveniently allow you to make an online payment.  If you would like to make an online payment to ComputerWorks, you can click on the Payments Button below, or send a check or money order payable to:

824 Blue Eye Road
Spring Creek, PA. 16436

Make a Payment with Credit Card or PayPal

Silver Support - 10 Hours - Save $100

Gold Support - 15 Hours - Save $100

Platinum Support - 25 Hours - Save $100

CloudWorks' Payments

Make A Cloud Payment

Remote Support Payments - $35 Per Hour

All Other Payments

You can use your Credit Card with PayPal without a PayPal account!

Thank you very much!

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