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"Get the Support You Need When You Need it"

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Text, Phone, & Remote Support

Get the Support You Need When You Need it

Problems with technology can happen at any time and fast access to a support help desk is crucial.  When you have a question or need help with a program or device, you'll have immediate access to technical support at your fingertips.  When users text or call our help desk, they can be sure to have their needs understood and addressed promptly.  We’re able to do this because our support help desk is staffed in the United States by Technicians who are held to the same standards as our Technicians visiting your home or business site.

Silver Support - 10 Hours $350  $250 - $100 Off
Includes: 10 Hours of Support ($35 X 10 = $350)

Gold Support - 15 Hours $525  $400 - $125 Off
Includes: 15 Hours of Support ($35 X 15 = $525)

Platinum Support - 25 Hours $875  $700 - $175 Off
Includes: 25 Hours of Support ($35 X 25 = $875)

Text - Your Problems or Questions Will be Addressed ASAP, Via Text. #
Phone - Your Problems or Questions Will be Addressed ASAP Via Phone. Also, Will Talk You Through Your Problems Step by Step. #
Remote - Your Problems Will be Addressed ASAP, Via Taking Control of Your Device Remotely in Order to Fix Any Problems You May Have. #
# All Support Problems and/or Questions Will be Addressed During Regular Business Hours as Seen Below.
**Does NOT Include Onsite Support**

Business Hours
Mon          9am-5pm
Tue           9am-5pm
Wen         1pm-5pm
Fri            9am-5pm
Thu, Sat, Sun Closed

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