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DATA Recovery

"DATA Recovery by ComputerWorks"

We can recover data from all types of data storage device/media.  If you lost files from your Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Floppy Drive, or CD/DVD ROM we can recover it.  No matter how they were lost, even accidently formatted, we have a 95% success rate.  Even if your PC or Laptop has died.  If your device is Physically Damaged Beyond Repair then your DATA may be harder to recover but not impossible.

If You are Experiencing Hardware Failure Remember the Following:
* Don't Panic!  Attempting to repair your hard drive without the proper tools can make matters worse.
* Power down you computer to prevent further damage to your hard drive.  Call Us!

Insurance Work is Always Welcome
* Damaged Device Due To Natural Causes (Lightning, Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricane, Earthquakes, Solar Flares, etc.)
* Damaged Device Due to Un-Natural Causes (Fire, Electrical Surge, Power Outage, Miss-Handling, Being Struck, Kicked, or Dropped, etc.)

If We Cannot Recover Your Data You Pay Nothing!
* That's right.  If we fail to recover your DATA, on any device, for any reason, you pay nothing.
* We will even pay the shipping to get your device back to you.

Never Lose Your Important Files Again!
* Backup your important files in the cloud.  Try CloudWorks.
* Onsite or Remote Support available to help you setup your CloudWorks' Service.

Feel Free to Try Our Live Support Chat (find it here).

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We want to show our appreciation to all our friends, business affiliates, and their friends.  Here are a few Specials that may be of interest to you or someone you know.  You can use more than one at a time, so mix and match as you need.  Just mention you saw it here. 
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We can help you store, sync, share, and collaborate data all within one interface and from one login, and it only backs up or syncs the files and folders that have been changed, added, removed, or renamed.  Also, work with people in different places and share ideas, tasks, and files in the cloud.  CloudWorks has a cloud based office suite with features that do just that.  Check out what we can do for you.


A significant number of web traffic is generated from mobile and other handheld devices.  Depending on your website’s topics, this number could go even higher than 50% of your traffic.
We have Designed and built many web sites for businesses in the area.   Let us build your next site.
Check out some of sites we've created for others in the area, maybe we can do one for you.


From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, ComputerWorks provides a complete Web Hosting Solution.
We know that finding a reliable Web Host is not a simple task, but know this, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers, and we want to make sure they have all the tools they need to make their site a success.

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